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Why the mask

Neither a surgical nor cloth mask will prevent the spread of airborne, aerosolized viruses. They do not stop flu. They do not stop colds. They do not stop Covid 19. A respirator or N95 might do the trick, but forcing people to wear the others is pure nonsense.

In fact, forcing anyone to do anything is simply wrong. It certainly is authoritarian in nature. Sure, educate folks and let them make their own decisions with regards to their healthcare choices. We certainly do this with food and drink, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Why suddenly have we gone overboard with a virus that has a 99% recovery rate? Could it be that nefarious players are involved and are trying to use a health scare as a tactic to rule over you and me? Or is that just a “conspiracy theory?”

From Bill Gates to Klaus Schwab, to Rockefeller medicine in general, there are some arch villains that are highly suspect in all of this.

The sad reality is the state of the American mind. Truly sheeple they are. And that is pretty damn scary, if you ask me. What we are dealing with is a generation, or two, that have been brought up in public schools, and on Television, neither of which have prepared anyone to critically think.

American doctors, only a generation ago, were smoking at the Nurse’s Station and were appearing in cigarette ads. As well, when I grew up, people were wearing bell bottoms and side burns. So please, don’t tell me that some power people have figured out that people are lemmings, and will follow the leader, and do as they are told, if they recognize an authority figure, without questioning.

Why? Americans have forgotten how to question why, which is pretty sad for the fact that the Republic was founded by philosophers. Why is the philosophical question. Why do I believe what I believe and why the hell am I being told to wear a mask, when plenty of scientific evidence says they do not work.

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