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Viral Pneumonia vs Covid 19

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Viral Pneumonia vs Covid 19

Viruses are everywhere, as are bacteria. We live in the biosphere, the area of the planet where life is diverse and flourishes. And if you haven’t noticed, life consumes other life, in a perpetual manner. In fact, if you were alone in the Alaskan woods, a bear might pick up on your scent and try to consume you. It is just the way it is.

When viruses do attack the body, with the weakened immune system, sometimes, especially amongst the elderly, pneumonia will set in, when the patient is dehydrated and too weak to cough up the phlegm. In fact, if it weren’t for the discovery of antibiotics over half the population would not be alive today, including myself, who, as a you d boy, was hospitalized, on numerous occasions, with pneumonia.

Some have said that ‘pneumonia is an old man’s best friend.’ And really, it’s not a bad way to go. The CO2 build up leaves the body numb, similar to hyperventilating, with that tingling feeling all over. Multi system organ failure sets in and the dying individual moves on.

Either way, we cannot separate ourselves from the rest of the animal kingdom. That is why it is imperative to keep our physical self in tip top shape, otherwise we are indeed at risk. It seems as if we have lost sight of this, living in our concrete, air conditioned jungles, with our modern amenities and what not. However, it is not a sterile world at all. Germs are everywhere. And one day, if the bear does not get you, the germs will, or both, at differing intervals.

Life is indeed a miracle. Many religions and philosophies have appeared to explain this phenomenon, one that exist only here, on this planet, of which we know. Even the most honest scientist, although explaining much, cannot possibly know it all, nor do they. Although I have met some doctors, over the years, with the God Complex. Yeah, they are that full of themselves. But often, what was once held as scientific dogma is later proven wrong. This has happens time and time again.

So how many times, in the past, have we all had a cold, or a stomach bug, and we would simply go to our medicine cabinet, at home, and pull out our favorite OTC (over the counter) remedy? We would use whatever, to elevate our symptoms, hydrate and rest, allowing our bodies to heal, which in itself, is a miracle.

If the symptoms lingered, and especially if we ran a high fever, we would run off to the doctor, and at times would be prescribed antibiotics, if the source of the infection were thought to be bacterial in nature. Usually a chest Xray would be performed, as well an examination of the throat and tonsils.

Maybe, if really wiped out, they would run a flu swab or some other type of nasal swab. These test either came back positive or negative. Exudate on tonsils would be cultured for strep, which, of course, will grow out in Petri dish.

But how reliable are these viral test in the first place? And what if they come back negative? Then what? In all actuality it is all one big educated guess, based much on symptoms. It is a system or rule outs, and sued to come with a diagnosis and a differential diagnosis.

Well, an honest doctor, in years passed would say, ‘Well, you obviously have some sort of virus. It is going to have run its course. Go home, rest, and stay hydrated.’ He or she may have prescribed certain medications to deal with the symptoms, and possibly today a new antiviral medication.

What is so strange to me today is, let’s say you present to the doctor with this list of Covid 19 symptoms, albeit the same symptoms that can be found with with over 200 other viral infections, and your doctor pulls out the trusty “Covid 19” test kit and it comes back negative. Then what?

Well you first question should be “Well, aren’t you going to test me for the other 200 plus viruses?” If he says “no” your first question should be “Why not?”

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