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The pandemic ends when you turn off the TV

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

‘The pandemic ends when you turn off the television.’ I have told that to many. I have seen this play before. The mask coercion started after the last Swine Flu scare. I was working as an ER Triage Nurse at a Centennial Medical Center, here in Nashville, TN.

The public, scared once again, by the media, and that Law and Order episode they once saw about “Vaccines;” it is a concerted effort then, and much more so now.

I am 53 this year, and spent a good time of my early childhood in the Hospital with Pneumonia. I was in 3rd grade when a Swine Flu Vaccine was rushed to market in 1976, with full swing political propaganda. 60 Minutes even did a story about the people the Vaccine messed up for life.

Now Mainstream Media gets roughly 70% of its revenue from big Pharma. Do you honestly think you are getting honest objectivity and impartiality when it comes to a medical journalism? Ask your doctor which news channel is right for you. And now, a word from our sponsors.

Television programming works much like any prescription or experimental mRNA Gene Therapy that is put into your body. Humans are indeed Sheeple. Their minds are malleable. The system now is almost completely commercialized and corrupt.

If I can keep you out of the hospital, then I will be doing you a favor.

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