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My flag will always fly

Born in Atlanta, GA, I grew up in the Deep South, between Georgia and Mississippi, as segregation was ending. I went to Military School in Virginia, just east of Jefferson's Mountain. I attended the University of Mississippi, an epicenter of one of the biggest civil rights struggles, where James Meredith came to campus, simply wanting an education. Who can blame him for that? My grandfather always taught me that ‘the only thing more expensive than and education is the lack of one.’

Clearly I do not condone slavery, nor racism. I subscribe to Dr. King’s vision of judging someone ‘by the content of the character rather than the color of their skin.’ But what is up with the world today? You can’t even sit down to read a book without being called a ‘racist.’ And if you are not suppose to judge a man by his color, a book by its cover; then why would do the same for a piece of cloth?

As my black Catholic Priest reminded me, regarding some of these black men that were killed at the hands of police, ‘neither of them were Rosa Parks.’ Granted, due process was not granted properly in these cases. And there have been many instances where police have goofed. But do we really want to due away with the police entirely? How about we end qualified immunity and hold bad cops accountable? And how about ending the drug war?

I am not taking the side of heavy handed policing. I hate government. I have been inside its prisons, literally. Over the years, I have been beat 4 times in my life by cops; twice by a white cop and twice by black cops. Granted, I was ‘out on the town,’ and alcohol was involved in most of these instances.

But what I have learned (by the hard way albeit) is that you don’t put yourself into situations where you might have to interact with police. And if you do have to interact with them, use your God given rights and simply shut your mouth.

Clearly ‘isms’ exist everywhere, and the struggle has been real for many Americans. I myself am a man of short stature, who has been derogatorily called names his entire life; shorty, midget, saw off, etc. I was always the last kid to get picked on a team, because of my size. But in no way shape or form do I feel like a victim. I simply persevered. When I got out of prison, I went back to school and bettered myself.

Hell, even my sushi chef, from Cambodia, explained to me how racist and xenophobic Asians can be, but all super successful in America. Regrettably, slavery, racism and xenophobia have been in existence since the beginning of time, and is still in existence today, in many parts of the world, Africa being one of the largest slave markets still.

And ironically, slave markets appeared once again in Libya, after America’s first half black President, and is lovely Secretary of State, killed Momar Qaddafi, making Libya a ‘failed state.’ I know, right? You can’t make this up. How is that for the woke warrior crowd?

But slavery never really was a black-and-white issue, as many try to make it out today. In fact, most white Americans arrived to these shores after the War Between the States and slavery had ended. Slaves were often conquered people through war and what not. Genocide or slavery? Choose your reality, or poison if you will. They existed and still do today.

It was, and still is, a sordid condition in which man finds himself. Slavery was just as part of the old world, from Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, as it is today. Before the internal combustion engine, man power was just how things were built and moved, along with other beast of burden. It just is what it is and was what it was. Can you see why you should never give up your guns? Your income tax is a form of slavery, as well as the interest you pay on debt. Think about that.

The fact of the matter is that 96% of all African Slaves that came to the Western Hemisphere went to the Caribbean, Latin and South America. There was and is a big Spanish fort in Ghana from which they departed the continent of Africa.

Of the 4% of African slaves that came to North America, a minority of white folks actually owned slaves in the Southern United States. Mostly these were wealthy plantation owners. But the vast majority of poor Irish and Scottish settlers, in the south, did not own slaves.

Folks need to go back and read up on British History, about how poorly the Scots and the Irish were treated by the English, to get a grasp of the dynamic that existed here, an old British Colony, as the states clashed when they did. The war between the States had many elements of the English Civil Wars.

But of course, American Law gains its every concepts from such history, including its Bill of Rights. And it amazes me when people, from all over the world, want to move here, Speak English, and then change the Republic? Why did they come here in the first place? And if they don’t like it, why not go back from where they came?

The American English speaking Republic was fairly young. Many factors played into the yearning of the southern States to leave the Union in which they had been part. Like a divorce for irreconcilable differences, the Southern states simply wanted out, very similar to Britain wanting out of the European Union today. But today they, very much like the South then, have found themselves entwined in major banking and financial interest.

And what if someone wanted out of the United Nations, or a trade deal today? Would they be bombed into submission, invaded, with a puppet government installed? Whatever happed to the consent of the governed, the very principles in which the Republic was founded?

I received an anonymous neighbor letter today asking me to take down my flag, at the same time telling me ‘they respected my freedom of speech.’ Hmmmm? Why not ask me in person. But the answer is ‘no,’ I will not take down my flag. My kin folks settled the American South, have been here since the original 13 colonies, and made it the great place it is to live today.

The Yankees have bombed brown and yellow people for the last 50 years for the benefit of a few, and now want to lecture me for flying a flag which defended a people they too invaded ruthlessly? I am blown away.

I fly my flag for the same reason the folks did when they did; not because I support slavery or racism, but I support that of the consent of the governed, state and individual rights and the right to defended such from outside invaders. I have often wanted New York to succeed from the Union, or be forced from the Union, but never invaded and told what to do. They can elect their own Authoritarian for that.




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