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My Backyard

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

This little fella presented himself the other night. It appears that he is working a harem on the back side of the field, adjacent to my backyard. My neighbor reports that she 'believe she heard two bucks locking up just the other day.' So maybe another is trying to muscle in on his action? It's hard to say. The trail camera we put out has only been able to capture the only one buck.

I do love where I live, adjacent to the field and Carnton Plantation, which served as a hospital during one of the bloodiest battles of the War of Northern Aggression. I like having my 'green space.' It is nice to be able to walk back there and just unplug and see all kinds of wildlife. In fact, I now have a ground hog that has tunneled under my back deck. He's harmless and cute, so I see no need to run him off. I have seen everything from deer, to coyotes, to skunks, rabbits, raccoons, beavers, duck, geese, ground hogs, possum, etc. It's like having my personal zoo.




Franklin, TN | United States

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