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Love life

I love life. I suddenly lost my mother when I was five. She died in a car accident. The Earth bellow my feet gave way, and my entire soul was shaken. I have never been the same. Intense I may seem to others, but in reality, I know the importance of Carpe diem, and strive to do so daily. No one is promised tomorrow, and the leap unto the next life can be chronically painful for some. If not by the grace of God, there go I.

I have been blown away at the dystopia we find ourselves in today. What we must all do though is realize that we have been studied as a species. Notes have been taken. Trigger points analyzed and used as weapons against ourselves. The political scientist base there methods in just that, an evil bunch they are.

Unfortunately, we have the best democracy borrowed currency can buy and finance. It should be more of the same, and only intensify, as the debts get larger. Equilibrium is just that, and there is none when something is off, and causing distortion. That would certainly by our money system. We are so far removed from original intent that it causes me great angst. I am not crazy. I am just well read and pissed off. I, unfortunately, have been that way for several years now.

The public is controlled by the flicker of a screen, a brainwave machine much more capable than anything the KGB could conjure up. The future scares me. It has been said ‘those that do not know history, repeat it.‘ Here we go. Keep your powder dry.




Franklin, TN | United States

Nashville Photographer

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