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Is there something going around

As a Nurse, I can remember people always asking me ‘is there was something going around?’ I would reply, ‘there is always something going around.’ It has been that way for eons and will continue to be that way. This is the biosphere and we either adapt or die. It truly is survival of the fittest. This is why it is imperative that we never take our health for granted; that is if we want to live.

At the start of Covid 19, I said ‘Cold and flu season will never be the same.’ I was right. I guess I have humanity figured out, the bankers figured out, and governments figured out? I called the bailouts, saw the mask coming, and soon the anal swabs, at the airport, to travel with TSA. Ultimately, we are ruled by psychopaths and managed by imbeciles. We are, indeed, in a sad state of affairs for sure.

Dr. Henry Makow wrote a great book called the “Illuminati”. I suggest everyone read it. Money just doesn’t grow on trees. Ours is a complex system, but it runs on ‘money.’ No one ever seems to question what money is, why, and how it comes into being? In fact, humans don’t question much anymore at all these days. Truly Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is a real phenomena, and the elite have it figured out, as the masses stare at their screens, to be told what reality is.

Is there anything going around? Yes, ignorance is for sure. Go back and watch some old George Carlin talking about fat, stupid Americans and germs. The man, a comedian, was genius and ahead of his time. Many comedians are and were.

This supposed Covid 19, that has a recovery rate of 99%, is no different than any of the other 200+ bugs that cause respiratory and gastronomical symptoms. In fact, on any given day, any of us can have a mild cold or a bad cold, a mild flu or a bad flu, a mild stomach bug or we can be hugging the toilet praying to Jesus. It has been that way since the beginning of time and will continue to be that way. It is part of being human.

Our reaction to a pathogen has so many variables at play at the time of occurrence or infection. And it is truly those variables that will determine our bodies responses to such. It will never be one size fits all. ‘Is that normal?’ is another question I often field as a Nurse. Guess what? There is no normal. We are all uniquely human, with our own characteristics and being.

The simple fact is that the world is trying to consume you at this very moment, and one day, it will. The maggots will eat your eyes out and the bacteria will consume your flesh. In fact, if it weren’t for the discovery of antibiotics, half the population would not even be here today. It is reality. The two most valuable commodities that God gives you are time and your health. Take neither for granted.

But whatever you do, give thanks to God for each and every day. Work constantly on your body, your mind and your spirit. Drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables, go to Church on Sundays, wear your seatbelt, exercise vigorously, and keep your hands washed. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Keep peace and liberty in your heart.

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