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Facebook Warning.

Many of my friends and family know that I left Facebook at the first of the year, after it got way too political after that last election, with accusations of Russian hacking, Fake News, etc. So I just quit. I had read some articles that claimed Facebook was a product of the CIA, and used to mine data.

Well I decided I would simply promote my photography back on Facebook, and stay out of the politics. So I started a new account this past week. Low and behold, the network still know who to suggest as friends, etc. as if I had not deleted it earlier. I was under the impression that all the data would be destroyed. Clearly this is not the case.

But the kick in the gut and final nail as to why I will not use the system again, is that today, after loading a few pictures, I went for a run and came back to a window that said something to the effect that 'you have been logged out du to suspicious acuity and security concerns.' Hmmm?

I tried signing back in and was prompted to load a current picture of myself, which I did. Still, it would not let me sign on. So I decided to clear my browser, close all the apps, and then restart the computer. On doing so, my computer could not find the Operating System. I had to place a call to Apple, and ended up having to reinstall my Operation System.

In discussing this with the Apple Tech, we both found it extremely odd that all this happened at the same time. It was as if someone, or something, was not only attacking and hijacking the Facebook account, but was doing so though my Operating System, which caused it to crash. Maybe it was hijacking my camera, etc? Who knows?

I was able to reset the password and log in, using the two step authentication texting, but it took me to an entirely new account and had not any of my pictures friends, etc. listed. And then I got all kinds of strange windows about facial recognition and political ads. So yes. Facebook is CIA in my best estimation and won't use it any longer.




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