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I graduated Nursing School 22 years ago, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, the Science of Nursing from the University of Mississippi. And in those 22 years, I have never seen something such as the “Covid-19” response so overblown in my professional career. I have worked in every theatre from Emergency Medicine, ICU Medicine, Cardiac Telemetry, Radiology, Endoscopy, Home Health Case Management, and even owned a Physician Recruitment Business, at one point, helping to recruit and develop some Cardio-Thoracic Programs across the country. I have been coughed on, sneeezeed on, thrown up on, peed and pooped on, blead on, ect. And, along the way, I have picked up a few bugs, weather they be stomach/intestinal and/or respiratory. And thanks be to God above, I have always recovered. I remain, until this day, on the ‘front line,’ and bedside, while so many of my colleagues have moved on to more managerial roles, etc. Naturally, using universal precautions at work, at home, and in life in general, are best pracices. Keeping your hands washed is key. But so are eating healthy and exercise, something I try to do often. Sure, we all have vices. And form time to time, I have a few beers, a few glasses of wine, and may even smoke a few cigarettes when doing so. Of course, the next day I will bike 25 miles or swim. But the key, obviously, is balance. Life is a balance, a constant tug of war of trying to reach homeostasis, or equilibrium. In 22 years of Nursing I have learned this; America is in dire need of a bath, public showers, and public fountains to wash hands, feet, etc. (There are a lot of bugger eating morons out there, God bless them.) And I have witnessed and learned that the average American diet is piss poor. Fast food and cola are killing Americans! As well, a good many of Americans are obese and do not exercise. And all of this has lead us to where we are today, in lock down, under medical tyranny, if you will. Land of the free? Home of the brave? I think not, at least for now. There are many things going on right now, on many different fronts. From healthcare, obviously, to banking, supply chains, probably at the chagrin of the banking families that loan our government currency, and other governments currency, and counterfeit the damn stuff for that matter. And then their are the investments they own, on paper, in all arenas. Our entire ‘healthcare’ model is not healthcare at all, but rather an allopathic ‘sick care’ model, with a pill for just about everything under the sun. Even the nightly news / cable news is brought to you by the pharmaceutical companies. Ask your doctor ‘which pill is right for you?’ No, ask your doctor ‘if eating healthy and getting off the couch is right for you?’ This is so vitally KEY! We spend more money on sick care, and have some of the worst outcomes there are out there. Why is that? America was founded by philosophers, but Americans today have forgotten how to ask “why?” How did we get here? It’s a long history, but one worth looking into and researching. From the 1910 'Flexner Report,' Rockefeller and Carnegie being behind such, and the creation of the American Medical Association; these families, both being heavily invested in Pharmaceutical Companies, to those close to my own family who were involved in the creation of Columbia HCA (Healthcare Corporation of America), a for-profit Hospital Corporation, the world's largest. Jack Massey married his wife, Aylene Massey, in my mother’s living room, here in Franklin, TN. Aylene and my step father, at the time, grew up together. Aylene was my sister’s Godmother. But either way, Jack was a Pharmacist, and he and Dr. Frist Sr. started Columbia HCA, a corporation that I will NOT work for, due to its for profit model and the way it treats nurses, they deem expendable, all in the name of profit and customer service (or repeat business for narcotics.) I could go on and on about the for-profit models of pharmacy and sick care / healthcare. I belong to the Order of Saint John, the Knights Hospitallers. They formed the first Hospitals in Western Civilization, and were a Christian Military Order. Today, I work for a Catholic, Faith-Based Hospital and would have it no other way. Just remember Jesus taught that ‘The root of all evil is the love of money.’ He was correct, even when it comes to 'healthcare.' I strive to educate people on how to stay healthy when nursing them back to health; hopefully getting them off medications they would not otherwise need. Proper diet and exercise are so vitally key to this. It is a shame, that we, in the West, with running water, bountiful lands, are so addicted to processed junk food and sugary soda drinks and our televisions. But maybe, with this phony Covid-19 response, people will do their part in trying to educate themselves about the world around them and remain healthy. In the end it is all about Body, Mind, and Spirit and it is the individuals responsibility to work on all three.




Franklin, TN | United States

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