I am just a traveler through light, space and time. French philosopher René Descartes once wrote 'I think therefore I am.' I find photography to be a similar concept. I post, therefor I am. I snap, therefore someone, or something, in front of the lens, exists at that very moment. Capturing a person, or object, in light, space and time, is indeed philosophical. Why is any of it here? And what does it all mean?


As a Registered Nurse, in my 'day job,' I've seen all walks of life. I've watched people suffer and die, and been whiteness to some, who come back, against all odds, to go on and live healthy lives. Each of us needs to be thankful for each and every day, and we must strive to Carpe Diem, or 'seize the day.' No one is promised tomorrow. Be thankful. I know I am. We must all realize that we are all God's creation, rich, poor, black, white, Jew, Gentile, Muslim, etc. and all of God's creation is deserving of love and respect. There are only 10 Commandments and one "Golden Rule."

Thank you for visiting my web site, my internet presence in cyberspace. I strive to help others. It is not what we take from this world that matters most, but rather what we leave behind. I'd like to think that I left behind some great photography and some love for this magnificent creation.



Franklin, TN | United States

Nashville Photographer

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