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Specializing in Workers' Compensation Field Medical Case Management


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24 years of Nursing / Case Management experience, working in a continuum of care; ER / Trauma, ICU, CCU, Pre and Post Op, Cardiac Telemetry, Cath Lab, Special Procedures, IV Therapy, Endoscopy, Rehab, Homecare and Case Management.



Owner and operator of PROMED (New Orleans) a Physician and Nurse recruiting company. Preferred provider for HCA and Lifepoint Hospitals. 



Experienced with the many concepts of law and politics. Have litigated and won cases at the State Supreme Court level. Have successfully lobbied to craft and write new legislation. Held State Insurance License. Worked as Private Investigator. 


Experienced in heavy Industry, working in the offshore oil industry as a Deep Sea Diver, Rescue Diver and Diving Safety Officer, and ASNT Certified Weld Inspector.



Attended Military School. Served in the U.S. Navy as an Aircrew member flying onboard military aircraft, conducting search and rescue, maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare. 


Have produced recruiting, safety and training videos for the offshore and healthcare Industries. Personal Athletic Trainer.



All work is honorable.


My mission is to return an injured worker back to work, at any level, as soon as being medically appropriate.


Many times, after injury, a patient can be drawn into a life of dependency, mayhem and despair. Having witnessed this on numerous occasions over the years, my mission is to restore a healthy individual, so that they can return to living a productive and fulfilling life. With ample experience and knowledge of today's healthcare system, the economy at large, of humanity, spirituality, medicine and nursing, I aim to do just that. 

True 'HEALTH CARE' is a working combination of body, mind and spirit. When a patient makes every effort to enhance all three, they will thrive. Time and our health are the two greatest commodities God give us, and neither should be taken for granted. Empirical evidence and wisdom suggests that when one 'follows the rules, no one gets hurt.' Proper diet, exercise and spiritual growth are key to living a long, productive and healthy life. 

Healing and winning in life simply requires a little knowledge, a little effort, a little prayer, and the will to move forward.


About me

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David S. Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

* Bilingual coverage available 

Fork Union Military Academy 1986 / College of Oceaneering 1992 / University of Mississippi 1998